I don’t feel I would do all of this justice without bringing all this talk about art to its rightful place. The reason I have enjoyed talking about art in these 3 forms is because the desire to be artistic, to create, has been placed into each of us by Almighty God. When God created man, He said, “Let us make man in our own image”. It is my belief that being creative is part of how God designed us. We desire to make pottery, design cars, write stories and songs, and put paintings on canvases to express our imagination.

But nobody is a greater artist than God Himself. I need only use word, form, and song to prove my point. There is no greater work written than the Word of God. No one else could inspire 40 different writers over hundreds of years to write the most wondrous story of His love for mankind. It is His story, for His glory. Taking a look at creation shows God’s masterful use of form. The greatest example I have ever seen is the Grand Canyon. This massive crevice in the earth is not only a testament to His creation, but to His wrath against sin as it was created by the Flood. And the song that God has created? Zephaniah 3:17 tells us that God Himself sings a song of love over us. Have you ever heard it? It rang out that Christmas morning when the angels announced that Emmanuel was here. The bridge resounded tragically at the cross as our Savior gave His life for our sin. But the chorus erupted that Sunday when death met its defeat and Jesus Christ came back to life. One day, we will see our Savior face to face. His Word will be written on our hearts. His new heaven and new earth will be created for us to enjoy its Form and features for all eternity. And we will sing a new Song of God’s matchless love for us.

All art simply points back to the great Creator of it all. And well would we do to give Him the glory of His amazing handiwork, His amazing artistry, His amazing love.