A lot has happened in the last week and though I should probably be sleeping right now, I once again need an outlet.

On Friday-Sunday of last week, I set to filming the final scenes, adding the final sounds and voice-overs, and editing the final touches to the latest New Life Camp Rules Video. This thing was all over the place random, stupid, but at least to me, tastefully funny. It was the first time I edited the video using Final Cut Studio and it proved to handle it much better than I ever thought possible, but it also opened the doors to make better and better changes. It was completed on Sunday morning at 5:30. Needless to say, I was quite worn out and very thankful to have it done. The world premiere was held that night with the high school students. It was titled Don’t Throw Rocks. As you might guess, that was one of the rules covered. Sad to say, there wasn’t as much laughter as hoped for, though the sections that were very funny to us also brought out cheers from the kids. This was my 6th “film” at New Life Camp and I was happy to see it complete.

Speaking of the High School kids, they were absolutely fantastic. They were as excited about camp as they had ever been. The first couple of days were complete washouts with the rain and it didn’t matter. One guy prayed at lunch, “Thank you for the rain and that it doesn’t keep us from having fun here because we always have fun here.” That was extremely encouraging. Wednesday brought Big Game 10 – a basketball game between a staff team and a camper team. As always, the campers got psyched up for it. We had one of the best pep rallies ever and then came the game. It got off to a slow start – neither team doing that well. Then, like a bomb going off, Katie Benedek for the staff team scored two straight 6-pointers! The campers came roaring back, though, and had the lead at half time. In the second half, the staff finally had something we have never had in any game before – a big lead. The campers did widdle it down, but in the end, we won by 10. The series is now tied 5-5. Our comeback to tie this up is complete.

But even bigger than the kids’ excitement was their desire for God to change their lives. Our theme this summer is “What’s the Difference?” and they really took it to heart. They were like sponges, ready to be soaked in the depths and riches of God’s grace and passion for their lives. We are now praying for them as many raised their hands at lunch on the last day to confess their desire to be an attractive difference in this sin sick world. Their week is now complete.

This is the great God I serve – He completes things. He makes them whole. He knits them all together into a beautiful tapestry that brings glory to Him. And as I serve Him, I am reminded again and again that in Him, my satisfaction is complete.

I am enjoying the wonderful sounds of Andrew Peterson and the Captains Courageous on his newly released Appendix C. Far Country and All Things New are absolutely beautiful to hear in these simplified acoustic recordings.