I found a new look for my feet – flip flops. I picked up a couple of pairs from adidas and found both to be extremely comfortable and to alleviate my fears of not having shoes on at all times. Perhaps nothing to write home about, but enough to blog about!

It was a great week of camp with the middle school students this past week. I never thought I would say that about a week of camp that provided no swimming for the kids. For whatever reason, God saw it fit for us to go without. Praise to Him for giving us good weather all week so we could enjoy all other normal activities. I found out Thursday that two girls in a certain cabin admitted that they did not know Christ as their Savior. They were depending upon church attendance and other things to get them to heaven. We prayed for the two children and another big praise to God – He saved them as they invited Him into their hearts to clean house and make them whole. What a difference our great God can make!

Tonight, I had a few friends over to watch WALL-E. Some had never seen it. It had been a while since I had, and I enjoyed it thoroughly all over again. And as I realize how precious time is with a summer staff, I am thankful to have an evening with any of them and enjoy the laughs and time together watching a phenomenal film.

Now, time for rest, both physical and spiritual.