I realize that September is about to pass without a blog and I need to get one in, albeit a short one.

I am getting ready for the move to my new house. My brothers and I started looking in May so it is exciting to see this finally culminating. The signing is this Wednesday, some cleaning and for me, personal painting on Thursday, and then the big moving day on Monday, October 5th. Even with it so close though, it feels distant. I have my current packing to thank for that. There is so much stuff! I doubt many people consider themselves hoarders. We certainly don’t, especially compared to the TV show of the same name. But I have already taken two very full truck loads of garbage to the landfill and it looks like there could be as many as two more on the way. While that is a lot of work, it feels good to let go of things that I was always told were quite necessary only to find them collecting dust in the attic for years. Then there’s the fun of actually packing the things we will move. We have scrounged every box we can find – fortunately, we have an Upward season coinciding with this so there are plenty of Upward boxes. Slowly, but surely, everything is being sorted, packed, and labeled. I’m scared to think of how much work will actually go into the move, but this is part of the process.

And here I go – another relating of life events to the spiritual. I have a home secured for me in eternity and the huge price was paid by my dear loving Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. There has been so much trash to get rid of to prepare for the move and I see even worse trash in the form of sin as I prepare for the move to glory. Slowly, but surely, Christ is ridding me of sin, though He must do it over and over. Thankfully, when He is done and my move is complete, only what is His will remain. I am so anxious for the work to be done and the move to my new home to be complete, both the earthly and the heavenly.

I have had the enjoyment of finally completely reading C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity as well as listen to The Elms’ The Great American Midrange (it’s almost like folk stories meets American rock n’ roll) and David Crowder Band’s Church Music (a techno explosion that no one else in the genre would ever be capable of creating) during these last few days.