I went from having nothing really to write about to 2-3 ideas spinning in my head in the course of 24 hours!  The others may take some time to develop, so I’ll go with the one that hit first thing this morning.

I’m not a morning person, so I was glad to work myself out of bed earlier than usual this morning to get into the Scriptures and prepare my heart for the Lord’s Supper.  I’ve been studying through the Psalms and was struck to a pause with Psalm 119:54 – “Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my sojourning.”  House of my sojourning?  If you’re at your house, you aren’t sojourning.  If you’re sojourning, you’re not at your house.  Yes, I just spelled that out, but if we don’t take the time to spell out Scripture, we tend to miss a priceless treasure in the middle of the dig.  What is the writer saying with such a contradictory statement?  The child of God is a sojourner, a traveler.  His head should find no rest on this earth, no matter how luxurious the room, how soft the bed, how warm the blankets.  No, he has his sights set on home, across the sea.  Nothing satisfies him here.  His journeys are merely his house, a place he resides until the voyage is complete.

The journeying takes the child of God through some bleak places.  This world is ravished with sin and despair.  Left and right, we see those who make the world their home living life to the fullest.  It is so appealing!  And many children of God decide that the present world is more glorious than the one they were made for.  What can keep a child of God traveling by faith and not settling down by sight?  God’s statutes.  They aren’t just words for the believer – they are songs that fill the heart and burst out.  We sing them not merely with our mouths, but with our hands and our feet as well.  On this straight and narrow road where the only house I know is that of my journeys, there’s a sweet melody coursing through my veins.  The Piper has played His tune, and it’s all I hear and want to sing, following Him and that melody all the way home.