One of the things that is really a creative opportunity for me as part of my ministry at New Life Camp is to write newsletters.  I have 3 main points that I need to share with the family, friends, and supporters who have lovingly prayed and financially invested in this work.  When I began to think about my first point, the fireworks went off.  As is the case with many of my articles here, this one is a testing ground for a letter that I hope will be a blessing to those who read.

It’s no secret to those who know me that I am a big fan of Pixar Animation Studios and the films they produce.  Every film they have ever made has been a box office success.  What draws me to their features is not effects or comedy, though both are excellent.  The film makers are story tellers first.  They simply want to share a great story with their audience.  Such was the case in their movie Up.  The film opens with childhood sweethearts Carl and Ellie.  Their friendship blossoms into a marriage.  That is where the story telling becomes nothing short of a masterpiece.  For the next several minutes, their years of marriage are told with nothing but animation and music – no dialogue or narration.  It is nearly impossible to watch without being moved to laughter and sorrow, to joy and sadness.  The images and the instruments weave a story too great for words to manifest.

At New Life Camp, I have the pleasure of making videos to capture the memories of events like a week of summer camp.  I made nine such videos this past summer.  Like Pixar, I have a story to tell.  It’s a story of exciting adventures as the campers grab each day by the horns.  It’s a tale of camaraderie as the cabins show forth their spirit and pride.  An incredible dive from the diving board, a thrilling match of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the Dining Hall, an all-out battle for dodge ball supremacy in Ultimate Elimination – these are but a few of the chapters that burst forth from the screen and scream, “This is life abundant – fun and fantastic.”  But there’s a deeper theme in this story.  I desperately try to capture the moments where God does a beautiful work – in the Tabernacle when the campers praise the Savior, at the campfire when they testify of His great love for them, in their cabins as they study His Word and yearn for more of Him.  God is the author of this masterpiece of a story, and He has called me to tell that story in film each week.  Often, as I edit the images and the music together, I cannot helped but be moved to tears in utter amazement of what God has done.  And sometimes as I present these videos to the campers and their parents, it is beautiful to hear the silence at the end.  They, too, have been moved by the story of the week.

Dear friends, you have faithfully given and prayed for this ministry.  This story is one that you are telling as well, and you deserve to see it for yourself.  You can watch all of this past summer’s videos on our You Tube Channel.  Thank you so much for pouring your love into these children’s lives through the ministry of New Life Camp.