Saturdays during summer camp are a beautiful time to rest and refuel for the next week.  But I have found over the past several weeks that I am so wound up from go, go, going, I don’t know how to relax well.  I actually prayed to God, “Please help me relax in a way that is honoring to You, that isn’t wasteful.”  As I tend to relax best getting lost in the story of a book, song, or film, I pulled out Tangled, a movie I had not seen since it hit the theaters.  What I got within minutes stunned me.

First of all, Tangled is a beautiful picture.  The animation is exquisite.  You get lost in just the subtle adjustments in Rapunzel’s big, bright eyes, which rival her long hair for the spotlight.  The  computer generated camera moves are romantic and sweeping.  The world around her is very detailed and believable.

Secondly, the storytelling is fantastic.  Yes, it’s a Disney princess film/musical, so the ridiculous is to be expected.  A pet chameleon and nearly human acting horse, a pub with a gang full of ruffians who really want to play piano, bake, and mime (High School Musical knock-off), and of course, a guy the princess has got to fall for.  I’m not saying this is all bad – it’s just silly entertainment elements.  But the wonder instilled from the opening narration to an incredible healing tear is a worthwhile journey.