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Six Favorite Christmas Albums

I have played around in my mind about writing this for some weeks now.  Like writing anything, I like the idea but find every reason not to write it.  I think it's mostly that I'm afraid - afraid it won't... Continue Reading →


None Other Lamb, None Other Name

This morning at my sister and brother-in-law's church, I admit that I do not recall all of the sermon spoken, though there were definitely great points.  But the service was closed with a hymn by Christina Rossetti, one I had... Continue Reading →

When Pop and Deep Thought Embrace

It has been such a great year for new music - at least, for my particular tastes.  If you don't know, I am a music hoarder.  Let's just say I could start up my iTunes library right now, come back... Continue Reading →

A Growing Appetite

It is none too easy to stay in the blogging business when in the summer camp business.  Far too much time has between that magic hour during orientation and the final goodbyes, and far too many wonderful things God has... Continue Reading →

Listening to Josh Ritter

A far better article concerning Josh Ritter's music has been written by Andrew Peterson in the Rabbit Room.  I simply want to give my take on him having been struck by a different song. "Never heard of him."  I get that... Continue Reading →

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