Nathaniel Miller

Voyages of a Dawn Treader



Waiting, Anticipating

The culture of this world or at least this American nation have made waiting a sin.  Fast food that takes more than 3 minutes to pick up is frustrating.  Lights that don't ever seem to turn green are labeled long.... Continue Reading →


To Be Loved

I pulled into the parking lot at the gym at which I work out - you know, typical-day-stuff-that-eventually-presents-something-different-type thing.  I was taken back by how full the parking lot was.  The reason became apparently clear - there was a long... Continue Reading →

An Observation on Observing

I climbed the steps to my literature class as I always do on early Wednesday mornings.  That stairwell is something of a wardrobe for me, passing from one world and into another.  The world I leave usually has my mind... Continue Reading →

The Porch Light

When I think back on times at church that made an impression on me, it usually comes from a sermon, a song, a presentation, or the Scripture that is read.  So it caught me by complete surprise that the thing... Continue Reading →

A Tangible Meal to Feed My Faith

For those of you who have stayed with this blog all this time, I am happy to announce that this is article #50.  Woo hoo!  I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to write as well as the... Continue Reading →

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