Nathaniel Miller

Voyages of a Dawn Treader



Waiting, Anticipating

The culture of this world or at least this American nation have made waiting a sin.  Fast food that takes more than 3 minutes to pick up is frustrating.  Lights that don't ever seem to turn green are labeled long.... Continue Reading →


Stars of God’s Promises

Since writing that last post about the challenge to my faith, a whole lot more has happened to challenge it.  Some things are simply too personal to share in a venue like this, but it has been one of the... Continue Reading →

Restore, Confirm, Strengthen, Establish

I had written an article not long after camp had ended about my spiritual appetite.  You'd think that such an article was written from a heart that was ready to set sail to unexplored passions for my Savior, and it... Continue Reading →

The House of My Sojourning

I went from having nothing really to write about to 2-3 ideas spinning in my head in the course of 24 hours!  The others may take some time to develop, so I'll go with the one that hit first thing... Continue Reading →

Ascribe Greatness

Ascribe greatness. But how do I start?  Why not where You started?  The canvas of space, black and empty, was immediately filled by Your very words.  Your song rang out and echoed in its deepest corners, and light burst forth... Continue Reading →

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