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Simeon: A Man of Anticipation

The Christmas Story invites us to more than just a traditional reading of Matthew or Luke's account each December.  It is an invitation of participation and imagination.  "The story of any one of us is in some measure the story... Continue Reading →


Let There Be Light

It has been one of those beautiful days.  I am quite delighted in all that transpired.  I am one that can actually enjoy the telling of what seem to be ordinary activities, so I like reading blogs that do nothing... Continue Reading →

Above These City Lights

First up, some disclaimers: I have had all of 4 1/2 hours of sleep in the past 39 hours so there is no telling where this is going.  Also, I have decided to forego polishing on this one.  I took... Continue Reading →

A Small Feathered Friend

Most of the time, I don't blog until I have an idea I can't wait to unleash from my mind into written form.  But I need to push my creative limits.  So I'm writing up a little lighthearted article to... Continue Reading →

The Hour the Magic Fell

I have been waiting all day to write.  An event took place today that simply set my mind and heart to burst from the overflow of goodness I experienced. Staff orientation at New Life Camp is special.  There's a lot... Continue Reading →

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