Nathaniel Miller

Voyages of a Dawn Treader

To Be Loved

I pulled into the parking lot at the gym at which I work out - you know, typical-day-stuff-that-eventually-presents-something-different-type thing.  I was taken back by how full the parking lot was.  The reason became apparently clear - there was a long... Continue Reading →


An Observation on Observing

I climbed the steps to my literature class as I always do on early Wednesday mornings.  That stairwell is something of a wardrobe for me, passing from one world and into another.  The world I leave usually has my mind... Continue Reading →

The Porch Light

When I think back on times at church that made an impression on me, it usually comes from a sermon, a song, a presentation, or the Scripture that is read.  So it caught me by complete surprise that the thing... Continue Reading →

Simeon: A Man of Anticipation

The Christmas Story invites us to more than just a traditional reading of Matthew or Luke's account each December.  It is an invitation of participation and imagination.  "The story of any one of us is in some measure the story... Continue Reading →

Light and Truth Tangled

Saturdays during summer camp are a beautiful time to rest and refuel for the next week.  But I have found over the past several weeks that I am so wound up from go, go, going, I don't know how to... Continue Reading →

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